FREE Online Youth Arts Classes

for Student Artists from 2nd - 12th Grade

brought to you by The School of Arts + Enterprise

JULY 13 - JULY 24, 2020

Students can explore the best of The School of Arts + Enterprise's Nationally Award Winning Programs this summer, 100% Free and 100% Online. Take courses taught by The SAE's nationally recognized, 100% credentialed professional Arts Faculty in Visual Arts, Acting, Music, Dance, Film, Musical theatre and More! 


Summer at The SAE’s unique and diverse programs offer experiences for artists of all skill levels. In response to the current global health pandemic - Summer at The SAE Online is designed to nurture and develop artists in the safest and most accessible manner available. Develop your skills, explore your passion and write your own story at The School of Arts + Enterprise with Summer at The SAE Online.

Summer at The SAE Online is made possible in part by a donation from The Friends of The SAE.


The SAE's Department of Dance is a nationally award winning program focused in commercial dance development, with cutting edge faculty.

The SAE's Department of Music embraces singers and musicians unlike any other. Providing unparalleled access to renowned faculty - and unmatched opportunity to learn and create amazing music.

The SAE's Department of Theatre, Film & New Media is a hybrid program combining all aspects of storytelling for the stage and screen together.  Students of all experience levels thrive in this fast paced, dynamic program.

The SAE's Department of Digital & Visual Arts offers students access to one of the most expansive fine art curriculums available.  Drawing to painting to digital design - SAE artists are known for their passion and diversity. 

We unlock the passion of each and every student with creativity, knowledge and a lifelong love of learning.


We nurture personal and professional achievement by combining the transformational power of the arts, scholarship and 21st Century skills to solve real-world challenges.


We empower passionate world-citizens with the confidence to engage creative thinking, innovation, entrepreneurship and an enduring pursuit of higher learning.

We are The SAE.


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The School of Arts & Enterprise

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Artistic Director 

The School of Arts & Enterprise

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